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Call to Action – Get Involved with ICERP:


Thank you for visiting The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP). We invite you to be part of our transformative journey in advancing adult education, research, and technological development. Here’s how you can get involved:


  1. Join Our Community:
    • Become a member of our global community of lifelong learners, educators, researchers, and innovators. Stay updated on our initiatives, events, and educational programs.
  2. Collaborate with Us:
    • If you represent an educational institution, organization, or industry partner, consider collaborating with iCERP. Together, we can create impactful projects and initiatives that contribute to positive social change.
  3. Support Our Mission:
    • Support iCERP’s public-benefit activities by contributing to our initiatives. Your support helps us reach more individuals, develop innovative programs, and make a broader impact in the field of adult education.
  4. Explore Partnership Opportunities:
    • Explore partnership opportunities for research, technology integration, and adult education projects. By partnering with iCERP, you become part of a network dedicated to driving excellence in education.
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  7. Learn More:
    • Explore our website for in-depth information about our ongoing projects, research findings, and the impact we are making in the field of adult education. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and we encourage you to stay informed.

Your involvement, support, and collaboration contribute to our collective efforts in shaping the future of education. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact on individuals, communities, and society through innovative educational practices and research-driven approaches.
For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or to express your support, feel free to contact us at or call us at +37256829099; +37129113357. We look forward to your participation in our mission to create a sustainable and knowledge-driven society.
Together, let’s transform education and empower individuals for a brighter future.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)