Future Plans

Shaping the Future of Adult Education


Future Plans for The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP):


As we envision the future of iCERP, we are committed to building upon our successes and advancing our mission to shape the landscape of adult education, research, and technological development. Our strategic plans encompass a range of initiatives aimed at making a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and the broader field of education.


  1. Innovative Adult Education Initiatives:
    • Objective: Launch new and innovative adult education projects that cater to evolving needs and challenges.
    • Approach: Embrace emerging pedagogical approaches, incorporate adaptive learning technologies, and design programs that address the rapidly changing requirements of the global workforce.
  2. Technological Integration for Enhanced Learning:
    • Objective: Continue leading in the integration of technologies relevant to adult educational products.
    • Approach: Collaborate with tech industry leaders, conduct research on emerging technologies, and implement cutting-edge tools to enhance the learning experiences of adult learners.
  3. Global Expansion of Partnerships:
    • Objective: Expand collaborations and partnerships globally to create a more interconnected and supportive network.
    • Approach: Establish new partnerships with educational institutions, NGOs, government bodies, and industry partners in different regions to facilitate knowledge exchange and promote best practices in adult education.
  4. Strategic Investment in Intellectual Property:
    • Objective: Strengthen the investment in intellectual property to foster innovation in adult education.
    • Approach: Develop and protect intellectual property related to novel methodologies, technologies, and educational content, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.
  5. Impactful Research and Expert Examination:
    • Objective: Enhance the expert examination of adult education practices and contribute to evidence-based research.
    • Approach: Continue conducting comprehensive research, collaborating with renowned experts, and offering consultancy services to ensure the highest standards in adult education practices.
  6. Leveraging Digital Platforms for Outreach:
    • Objective: Utilize digital platforms to extend the reach and impact of iCERP’s initiatives.
    • Approach: Develop and implement online platforms, courses, and resources to reach a wider audience, fostering a global community of lifelong learners.
  7. Community Engagement and Advocacy:
    • Objective: Strengthen community engagement and advocacy efforts to promote the importance of lifelong learning.
    • Approach: Actively engage with communities, participate in public awareness campaigns, and collaborate with policymakers to advocate for policies that support adult education and lifelong learning.
  8. Continuous Learning and Adaptation:
    • Objective: Stay at the forefront of adult education by continuously adapting to societal and technological changes.
    • Approach: Regularly assess and update programs, methodologies, and technologies to ensure they remain relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of adult learners.


As we embark on this journey into the future, iCERP remains dedicated to creating positive social change through education. By staying committed to innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence, we aim to shape a future where adult education is accessible, empowering, and transformative for individuals and communities worldwide. Join us as we continue to make a meaningful impact in the world of education and beyond.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)