Impact and Success Stories

Transforming Lives through Education and Research


Impact and Success Stories at The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP):

  1. Lifelong Learning Empowerment Program (LLEP):
    • Success Story: Meet Maria, a middle-aged professional who returned to education through LLEP. After completing an iCERP-sponsored online course, Maria acquired new digital skills. She successfully transitioned to a higher-paying job, showcasing the program’s impact on career advancement and personal development.
  2. Tech-Enhanced Learning Solutions (TELS):
    • Success Story: Ahmed, a participant in TELS, improved his English language proficiency through a virtual reality language learning module. This technology-driven approach not only enhanced his language skills but also boosted his confidence, leading to increased social interactions and networking opportunities.
  3. Research-Informed Curriculum Development (RICD):
    • Success Story: The RICD initiative contributed to the creation of a customized curriculum for a local community college. The tailored program resulted in higher retention rates and increased engagement among adult learners, demonstrating the effectiveness of research-based curriculum development.
  4. Global Adult Education Partnerships (GAEP):
    • Success Story: Through GAEP, iCERP collaborated with an African NGO to establish community learning centers. These centers provided access to quality education in remote areas, positively impacting the lives of individuals who previously lacked educational opportunities.
  5. Intellectual Property Investment Fund (IPIF):
    • Success Story: An innovative teaching method developed under IPIF, focusing on gamified learning, was adopted by multiple educational institutions. The method not only improved student engagement but also received recognition for its impact on enhancing learning outcomes.
  6. Expert Examination and Consultancy Services (EECS):
    • Success Story: A national education board sought EECS for expert examination of their adult education programs. iCERP’s recommendations led to a redesign of the programs, resulting in higher participant satisfaction and improved educational outcomes.
  7. Educational Institutions Collaboration Program (EICP):
    • Success Story: EICP facilitated a partnership with a European university, leading to joint research projects and student exchange programs. This collaboration enriched the educational experience for students and expanded the research capabilities of both institutions.
  8. NGO Alliance for Lifelong Learning (NALL):
    • Success Story: NALL collaborated with a global NGO to implement a literacy program for marginalized communities. The initiative not only improved literacy rates but also empowered individuals to actively participate in their communities.

These success stories and testimonials reflect the tangible impact of iCERP’s initiatives on individuals, communities, and the broader field of adult education and research. Through our public-benefit activities, we continue to empower learners, drive positive social change, and contribute to the advancement of education on a global scale.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)