Projects and Initiatives

Partnering for Positive Change


Projects and Initiatives at The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP):


  1. Lifelong Learning Empowerment Program (LLEP):
    • Description: LLEP is a flagship project designed to empower individuals of all ages to engage in lifelong learning. The program focuses on creating accessible and flexible learning pathways for adults, encouraging them to return to education for personal development and increased employability.
    • Positive Impact: LLEP has witnessed a significant increase in adult participation in education, resulting in improved skills, enhanced employability, and increased confidence among learners.
  2. Tech-Enhanced Learning Solutions (TELS):
    • Description: TELS is an initiative dedicated to integrating technology into adult education. iCERP collaborates with edtech experts and industry partners to develop and implement innovative technological solutions that enhance the learning experience for adult learners.
    • Positive Impact: TELS has successfully improved learning accessibility, engagement, and outcomes through the integration of interactive platforms, online resources, and adaptive learning technologies.
  3. Research-Informed Curriculum Development (RICD):
    • Description: RICD focuses on developing adult education programs based on extensive research into the unique needs and learning styles of adult learners. The initiative aims to create evidence-based, responsive curricula that cater to the diverse backgrounds and experiences of adult students.
    • Positive Impact: RICD has resulted in the creation of tailored curricula that address specific challenges faced by adult learners, leading to increased program effectiveness and learner satisfaction.
  4. Global Adult Education Partnerships (GAEP):
    • Description: GAEP is a collaborative effort to establish international partnerships in adult education. iCERP actively engages with educational institutions, NGOs, and government bodies globally to share expertise, resources, and best practices, fostering a global community of adult educators and learners.
    • Positive Impact: GAEP has facilitated knowledge exchange, cross-cultural learning, and the implementation of successful adult education models worldwide, contributing to the development of a connected and supportive global network.
  5. Intellectual Property Investment Fund (IPIF):
    • Description: IPIF is a strategic initiative focused on investing in and leveraging intellectual property in the field of adult education. iCERP supports research and development projects, protecting valuable intellectual property and promoting the sharing of educational innovations.
    • Positive Impact: IPIF has resulted in the creation of open educational resources, tools, and methodologies that benefit educators and learners globally, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.
  6. Expert Examination and Consultancy Services (EECS):
    • Description: EECS provides expert examination and consultancy services in adult education. iCERP’s team of experienced educators and researchers offer evaluations, assessments, and strategic guidance to educational institutions, organizations, and policymakers.
    • Positive Impact: EECS has contributed to the improvement of adult education practices, ensuring quality, effectiveness, and alignment with the latest research and pedagogical approaches.

These projects and initiatives exemplify iCERP’s commitment to advancing adult education, research, and technological development for the public benefit, creating positive impacts on individuals and communities around the world.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)