iCERP Mission

At iCERP, our mission is to pursue public-benefit activities that elevate adult education, foster groundbreaking research, and propel technological innovation. We dedicate ourselves to tasks that bring significant benefits to the public, with a particular focus on motivating individuals to re-engage in the educational process. Our ultimate goal is to equip them with new skills, fostering competitiveness in the labor market and enabling self-development.

iCERP Key Focus Areas

#1 Education Projects

We spearhead diverse adult education projects that transcend age-related constraints. Our initiatives are designed to inspire individuals to return to the learning process, acquiring new skills or enhancing existing ones for both professional advancement and personal development.

#2 Technologies and Methodologies

iCERP is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies tailored to adult educational products. We leverage innovation to create dynamic and effective adult education programs that meet the evolving needs of learners.

#3 Education Services

Our commitment to adult education services encompasses extensive research, program development, and the assurance of high-quality learning content and processes. We strive to create an enriching and engaging learning environment for individuals seeking to broaden their horizons.

#4 Education Partnerships

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. iCERP actively establishes and provides adult education partnerships in projects, fostering a community dedicated to collective growth, knowledge exchange, and impactful learning experiences.

#5 Investment in Intellectual Property

Recognizing the value of intellectual property, iCERP invests strategically in this domain to enhance the impact of adult education initiatives. We aim to contribute to the broader educational landscape through thoughtful and innovative application of intellectual assets.

#6 Expert Examination

iCERP brings expertise to the forefront by conducting expert examinations of adult education. Our commitment to staying informed about the latest research and best practices ensures that our initiatives are grounded in excellence.

Join Us in Transforming Education.
Explore our dynamic initiatives, engage with our diverse community, and join us on this transformative journey to shape the future of adult education. At iCERP, we are not just envisioning change – we are actively working towards it, one innovative project at a time. Together, let’s redefine the possibilities of lifelong learning and empowerment. Welcome to the iCERP community, where education knows no boundaries.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)