History and Background

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History and Background of The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP):

I.Inception and Humble Beginnings (1995): The roots of iCERP trace back to 1995 when a group of passionate educators, researchers, and visionaries came together with a shared commitment to advancing education for adults. Motivated by the belief that learning is a lifelong journey, they envisioned an organization that would be a beacon of innovation and excellence in adult education.

II.Foundational Principles: From the outset, iCERP was founded on the principles of promoting adult education, conducting research, and leveraging technological advancements to enhance learning experiences. The organization’s core mission was to benefit the public by addressing the evolving educational needs of adults, ensuring their competitiveness in the labor market, and fostering self-development.

III.Milestones and Transformative Initiatives: Over the years, iCERP has achieved significant milestones, marking its impact in the field of adult education and research. The organization has consistently undertaken projects that go beyond age-specific educational phases, focusing on motivating individuals to return to the educational process for continuous skill enhancement and personal development.

IV.Technological Advancements and Methodologies (Early 2000s): In the early 2000s, iCERP recognized the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements. The organization embarked on initiatives to establish technologies and methodologies relevant to adult educational products. This forward-looking approach ensured that iCERP remained at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge and impactful educational programs.

V.Global Community Building (2010s): As iCERP expanded its reach and influence, it actively sought collaboration with individuals, organizations, and institutions worldwide. The establishment of partnerships in adult education projects became a key focus, creating a global community of expertise and resources. This collaborative spirit allowed iCERP to amplify the impact of its initiatives and contribute to the development of a diverse and interconnected knowledge society.

VI.Investment in Intellectual Property and Expert Examination (2015 Onward): In recent years, iCERP has intensified its commitment to intellectual property in adult education. The organization recognizes the value of rigorous expert examination in shaping the field of adult education. By investing in intellectual property, iCERP aims to contribute valuable insights, methodologies, and solutions to the broader educational landscape.

…and VII.Current Vision and Future Aspirations: Today, iCERP stands as a testament to decades of dedication, innovation, and transformative impact in adult education. With a clear vision to drive positive social change and build a sustainable knowledge society, iCERP continues to push boundaries, embracing new challenges, and shaping the future of education. As we invite you to join us in our journey, we are excited about the possibilities ahead and the lasting impact we can collectively make in the world of adult education.

Aivars Lasmanis

Chairman of the Board, The International Centre for Educational Research and Practice (iCERP)